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Ever find yourself zoning out while someone is talking to you?
How about on the other end with someone else clearly checked out while you are saying something? We've all been there...Most of us can hear pretty well but listening is another matter! 

Research suggests that the average person listens at only about 25% efficiency.

Those of us who are constantly with and looking forward to walking with young people in our Church and diocese - we know how listening to young people can have additional layers of challenges due to differences in experience, motivation, youth culture, and more...but we also know how powerful and incredibly impactful genuine listening can be for young people!

Genuine listening allows a person to feel known, deepen in their search for truth and allows for strong, healthy relationships. We're not sure if great listeners are born, but we are sure listening is a skill we can improve and develop over time.

The Art of Listening

Whether young or old, if you minister to or accompany young people, Amoris Christi Institute of Excellence would like to invite you to our next seminar on

to Young People

The seminar is funded by the Fetzer Grant we received so the first 50 participants will have their registration fees, accommodation and food covered.

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