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 Institute of Excellence 

Truth, in a world of endless information, is of inestimable value.

We face a host of challenges in our world today – from world poverty amidst staggering wealth, to the challenge of simply listening to our neighbors and friends. 

How can we navigate these global and daily life dilemmas and what are the tools for doing so?

Who We Are

The Institute for Excellence is an outcome-oriented, multi-disciplinary research group at Amoris Christi that aims to shed light on some of these modern-day questions.

How We Work


The research group – ranging from psychologists and priests to physicians and philosophers – settles on a specific problem, challenge, or relevant topic.


The team explores it, through various disciplines (such as philosophy, spirituality, theology, neurobiology, psychology, nutrition, medicine, economics, etc.) and attempts a creative synthesis.


The research is published and made immediately available for persons striving for excellence. 

Current research topics

“Aretaic Friendships”  How can friendships and our social environments foster motivation for virtue, excellence, and holiness?


"The Art of Listening" What makes up listening and how can we apply effective listening to the different areas of our lives to help us encounter each other and understand ourselves?

Meet the Team

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