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 Institute for Excellence 

Truth, in a world of endless information, is of inestimable value.

A merely secular vision of the human person is harmfully reductive. On the other hand, a Christian and philosophical vision that fails to incorporate verifiable scientific discoveries is willfully blind.

We try to bring these genuine perspectives on truth together to freshly illuminate the mystery of human person and provide practical paths of growth in excellence.

Who We Are

The Institute for Excellence is an outcome-oriented, multi-disciplinary research group at Amoris Christi that aims to shed light on the mystery of the human person and the paths to excellence.

How We Work


The research group – ranging from psychologists and priests to physicians and philosophers – settles on a specific problem, challenge, or relevant topic.


The team explores it, through various disciplines (such as philosophy, spirituality, theology, neurobiology, psychology, medicine, economics, etc.) and attempts a creative synthesis.


The research is published and made available for persons striving for excellence. 

Our Latest Publication



The Art of Listening to Young People is an integrated contribution, confidently grounded in the complementarity of faith and reason, which unites authentic Christian principles with astute practical wisdom, supported by scientific research. This work gives a refreshing perspective on encountering young people with compassion and clarity – committed to receiving another as a human person with dignity and facing the challenges of the times with the Gospel imperative to “Be not afraid!” For anyone ministering to young people, this piece serves as a most valuable guide in navigating the shadows of today’s culture with the bright light of truth and Christian charity – a most important topic for this age of the Church. It’s a deeply beneficial and encouraging read!”


– Monsignor James P. Shea, President, The University of Mary

Forward by Most Rev. David L. Toups (Bishop, Diocese of Beaumont). Other endorsements in book by Cardinal Christophe Pierre (Apostolic Nuncio to the United States), Mar Joy Alappat (Bishop, St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Eparchy of Chicago), and Fr. Alfredo Hernandez (President/Rector of St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Florida).

Listening is a form of encounter that allows us to be with another person, to see through their eyes, and to journey with them. The Art of Listening to Young People uniquely blends extensive scientific research with pastoral experience and theology to provide guidance and inspiration for youth ministers, spiritual directors, formation advisors, therapists, and anyone else who desires to better accompany young people today.

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